POEM: The Clock is Ticking

old vintage clock

The clock is ticking, 2014 is slipping,
Every second, every notion, seems to be slipping,
time is running and I ain’t trippin,
seen it all this year from highs to slows, up’s and down’s,
decisions were made, good choices taken, bad ones felt,
a time of confusion seemed to all melt away,
2014 a year of prediction, a time to reflect on these past visions,
dreams were made, time was wasted, will I see it again,
or will it continue to slip? slip where? Into the hands of time,
let go! let go! I can not compare,
to hold on to you would then mean despair,
so here I stand counting down from the hand of time to those hours,
minutes and seconds at hand,
the new year I welcome with a sound mind to share,
a new year arises from the dust of the past,
a new light is here 2015 my year to shine!

Copyright (C) Juan N. Bonilla All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: (HERE)

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