Paper, Thread, and Trash: Art Gallery

So today I was able to view this awesome art gallery at the downtown Nashville, TN Public Library. All I can say it was a great gallery, interesting and very artistic. The following talks about the gallery: (NOTE: All pictures were taken by me personally.)

Paper, Thread, and Trash: A Collection of Art Books Made from Reuse
Link to more info: (CLICK HERE)

We live in a disposable society; packaging and broken items go into the trash without a second thought. Things come packaged multiple times before they can be opened and used. Americans dispose of 251 million tons of trash annually, recycling and composting a mere 34.5 percent. With these astounding numbers and the continual mindset that “moreis better” and “once it’s thrown away it disappears,” Paper, Thread, and Trash explores the relationship we have developed with our waste.

Artists take that excess – that which is discarded – and, showing us how to make use of it, make art. Moved by the need for an increase in recycling and reuse on a large scale, artists are in a pivotal position to show us how to make the change.

Books are typically made of board, paper, thread, a little glue, pictures, and images. Book artists enjoy pushing the boundaries of typical bookmaking using unorthodox materials and concepts, so why not use our trash, our unwanted?

In Paper, Thread, and Trash, fourteen Tennessee artists address these issues of consumption and waste by using found and superfluous materials to build original and unique books, some through literal interpretations and others through installations and concept-based projects. 
These works of art challenge the artists and viewers to look at our waste in new ways.

Artists include: Aletha Carr, Nance Cooley, Meredith Eastburn, Kelly Cass Falzone, Katie Gonzalez, Emily Holt, Courtney Adair Johnson, Megan Kelly, Kit Kite, Cynthia Marsh, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Nelson Meadows, Lisa Rivas, and Jamaica Shaw. Curated by Courtney Adair Johnson. ​

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