POEM: Forgive them

Walton_Mt_Sinai (1)

As the time I spent with you
You have known my heart,
My intentions have not been hid from thee,
You are all powerful for your voice is liken unto thunder,
But they which thou has given unto me
They have failed thee,
Was it me?
Have I failed?
Look not I ask at their sin,
Turn thou your face from among them,
My heart and soul shall take their guilt,
Forgive them I say for their sin,
You grace is sufficient and I am but a simple man!
My Lord! My God! Forgive them for they know not what they do,
On this mount look to me and not on them,
Forgive them I say, forgive them

Copyright © Juan N. Bonilla, 2014 All Rights Reserved
image credit: HERE

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