POEM: La Frontera (the border)


My mind wonders to a bleak time in my past
Like a fog my thoughts clear
My hand, his hand, my brother I follow
Surround by a mad river, I see the new world a mist
My madre, my sister a baby in her arms
Our freedom, our desire, not knowing if it will last
We made it, but I wonder, but soon like a fog my mind clears
Those memories locked in the time capsule of my soul and mind
Will I take it to the grave with me? or will time fly?
I’m thankful for life, my madre and her courage
To bring me new life, in a world yet unknown
In a moments time the fog clears again
Now standeth in the midst my father so fair
United in one our familia is back
A challenge awaits us in this new foreign land
But with madre and padre  all will be fine

Copyright © Juan N. Bonilla. All Rights Reserved 
Image Credit: HERE

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