My Holiday movie list…

Here are some movies I love to watch during the holiday seasons, such as thanksgiving and Christmas. Now I know some of you will say that I have missed a lot of movies in this list, but I think we all base our list concerning the way we were brought up. So here is my list, enjoy! also tell me what you think, and what does your list consist of? Note: there is no order to my list, they were just randomly placed.

4182d839683c1bfba2bb35893fef79f4fff5242eSquanto, this is my favorite for thanksgiving. It is about a Native American Indian, that was used in order to help the Pilgrims survive in the new world. Some say Squanto existed and some say he didn’t. To me it really doesn’t matter, it is a great movie for thanksgiving.

Home Alone 1 v3Nothing would be complete with Home Alone part 1, my favorite of all time for the holidays, thanksgiving and Christmas.

Home_Alone_2_Lost_in_New_York-122355314-largeHome alone lost in New York another great classic. Now I know that there was more of the home alone movies made, but for me personally I only really enjoyed the first two, that’s why you won’t see me post anymore from this series.


I’m so amazed to see how Elf has come to be a holiday classic, which I think is awesome. I just love this movie, filled with joy and laughter throughout.


Jingle all the way has stood the test of time. Great classic and I just enjoy watching it and I’m sure my son will also make this a tradition in our little family as time goes by.

the-holidayI really think Jack Black did a great job in this Christmas romance, and well I had to put this one here, I know not a lot of people like it, but I thought it was a good add for my list.

thesantaclauseWatching the santa claus brings back so much memories of Christmas as a child and eating monster cookies at home waiting for mid-night in order to open my gifts.


When part two came out I was so happy, and well you guessed it, this one goes on my list. Like home alone there was more made from this series of movies, but honestly I only enjoyed the first two. I don’t know but some movies just lose their flavor after a while.

The-Nativity-StoryI really enjoyed seeing this movie the first time it came out. The acting is good, other than the angel that talks to Mary during the beginning of the movie, he was kinda creepy to me, but other than that I really enjoyed it and had to place it on my list.

Christmas-with-the-Kranks-movie-posterThis one has also become a classic, and well Tim Allen and Christmas just go together lol. I really like the Kranks, though you already know what’s gona happen from the start, I really enjoy watching this one every thanksgiving and Christmas.

148ea8b29db865f80254d7e69e1ee6e60bf3b340Growing up I wanted to be like him, lol. Really like watching this classic all the time.

DrummerBoy2011Nothing can ever beat the little drummer boy, what a classic, he will forever be my favorite. Though new versions have been made, the original is the best and a classic.

81s6v+goe6L._SL1500_This group of classics doesn’t need any introduction, just plain classics that will forever be the best during the holidays.


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  1. Yes all this movies are so good 🙂


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